Sunday, August 8, 2010

2nd of August marks Mr and Mrs Tootsie Parenthood

This is the day :D The day our son has decided to arrive to meet his mummy and daddy :)

Jr Tootsie was born in the late evening and when he came out from my stomach, curious as ever as his daddy, his eyes are looking around :)

2nd August noon, was suppose to be my review check up with my gynae. Before that, I even went to do my shopping at Mothercare Paragon, to grab some nursing bras! I am glad I did that:)

At the clinic, the nurse actually told me that my weight dropped by 900grammes from the usual 63.5kgs. When I went to see my gynae, he checked on my cervix and told me that my cervix has dilated to 3cm. With my decrease in weight, I had no choice but to go through induce labour by today and that was 36 weeks plus 5 days towards 37th week for Jr Tootsie to arrive. But I guessed this was the auspicious day that my son has chosen :)

I rememberd so vividly that Sunday night, I was talking to my son that he choose a auspicious day to arrive and I did not expect it was so fast :P

My heart was pounding and I called Darling Tootsie that I have to deliver Jr Tootsie by today. Darling Tootsie immediately left his work and went home to send me to Mount Alvenia Hosp to check in.

Around 2 plus afternoon, we checked into the hospital and admit to the labour suite. Darling Tootsie was there with me always. Surprisingly I did not feel any contractions but according to my gynae, when he came by 5 pm, he told me that I actually had contractions...hmmmm and I did not feel it:)Cool:P

The pain comes intensely as each min and sec goes by after the gynae broke my water bag and the nurse induced my labour by adding something to my drip to make my contractions more intense.

The contractions was bearable at the first stage. However subsequently, I have to admit I am not some wonder woman! I cried for epidural to Darling Tootsie at around 6.30pm and the anasthetician finally came at 7pm. The process of the epidural injection was terrible! No pain no gain...gain as in the relieve of some pain from the contractions. I had to curl like a scrimp and imagine, with my big stomach, and on off intense pain from the contractions, I screamed alittle when the jab went into my spine. The doc actually had difficulty injecting the jab to my spine as my flesh is rather close to the spine.

The side effects of the epidural that I experience was whole body trembling. It was so shaky as if I took some morphine! My gynae only allowed 80% of the dosage for the epidural so that I can have the strength to deliver Jr Tootsie. Pain was there, but at least its bearable :)

The delivery pain just like how you force out your hard stools is almost similar. Just that you have to put in 110% effort to push out your flesh and blood.

And so finally I have promoted to a mother after 3 hrs of labour pain:) My hospital stay was extended as my poor son had jaundice....

Finally he was discharged on the 7th August. However still, I felt so heart pained when I know I have to take extra care to recuperate my precious son. I cried as it really pains me whenever I think of it....I just cant helped by think of the worst. However I told myself I have to be strong and pray to god that my son will be a healthy boy as time goes by.

To Jr Tootsie: Daddy and Mummy are there for you and be strong ! Hugs!

Love with warmth,

Mummy Tootsie

Monday, July 26, 2010

How time flies

....I am now in week 35th of the pregnancy stage, coming to week 36th. However upon visiting the gynae last Saturday for some discomfort in my tummy on Friday, my gynae checked that my cervix has softened and this could lead to preterm labour. In order to prevent that, and hopes that my precious little angel will be born on the full term of 37th week, my gynae has given me a 8 days hospitalisation leave to bed rest at home beginning today.

I wasn't totally on bed as I feel so bored and cant do anything. Luckily Darling Tootsie brought me to my aunt's place that Sat nite to borrow some HK drama dvds to kill my boredom for the next 8 days at home. From Mon to Wed, I will be spending these 3 days at my own house, without the company of Darling Tootsie :( Kinda miss his hugs and smell hehehe but well its a good family bonding too with my own family :) And I am sure Darling Tootsie can enjoy his sleep without me disturbing him in the middle of the nite to pour water for me. Would really want to get up and pour water for myself, but during this last stage, I really have difficulty getting up from the bed with my big stomach.Nonetheless I really appreciate my hubby's tender loving care during these 9 months of my pregnancy.

Hope my little precious will stay in my womb for the next 2 weeks until the full term, hmmm who knows he might want to celebrate birthday with his Daddy together :D


Mrs Tootsie

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Detailed Scan of our Love One :)

And so today we had a really detailed scan of our love one...the organs, the skull, brain etc. While lying on the bed, the sonographer was telling me this and that, the length, the blood vessels and so on...and with his serious looking expression on his face, it just made my heart beating faster and faster, at the same time, praying that our love one is fine :)

Everything turns out well except that my little cutie is slightly fat (400 over grams) :P Too much snacks and chocs for him Opppsss...kekeke

Mrs Tootsie

Friday, April 9, 2010

I feel him;)

Yeap Mrs Tootsie felt her little love movement on 8th April evening and today same time my cute little one moves so actively;) I can't helped but feeling excited and amazed;) Cant wait to tell Darling Tootsie again.... Well shan't disturb him since little cutie's daddy is having his last paper! Hooray.

love Mrs Tootsie ;)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Over the 50kgs scale :(

Hmmm I shall say yesterday nite to be official, Mrs Tootsie has hit her 52kgs scale. Thinking back this was like sometime back, 5 over years ago, when I was 53kgs and my weight keep going down scale until when I hit 45kgs for my wedding day on the 6th Dec 2009 :D

Well now looking at the 52kgs scale, I smiled to myself that its the progress that both Mrs Tootsie and her little one in the stomach have made. Well done bb :D Both Darling Tootsie and myself just cant wait for our Aug Joy. Hopefully when Mrs Tootsie is in her 5th month, we are able to tell the gender of our cutie.

Mrs Tootsie

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Welcome 2010 :)

Hello everyone! Its been awhile since I started blogging again kekeke...firstly HAPPY NEW YEAR to u!!!

Back track to the year of 2009, its been a hectic year for both Mr and Mrs Tootsie and finally our wedding day on 6th Dec ended with a loud bang! Its a successful one indeed with some minor hiccups. Honeymoon we've been to Mauritius and Taipei (with our couple dearies).

Well well, and here came an exceptionally great surprise (maybe should I say a gift :)) for the brand new year! Both darling tootsie and myself are eagerly looking forward to Aug JOY :)

Mrs Tootsie

Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Thoughts towards the whole wedding prep :)

Oh yeah, as time draws nearer to 6th Dec, I cannot help but feel anxious with a tinge of excitement.
For someone who thought that wedding was just a ceremony, I never knew that it can reveal so much more. And this wedding preparation has made me seen through the true colours of some of our friends. That goes the same for our parents. They have learnt something :)

There's this friend of mine whom I only know her for 2 years through Darling Tootsie and that's Nana Darling.

Thank YOU, NANA for always lighting up my life this year. Your cheerful and happy disposition rubs off on me all the time. You have really helped us alot in this wedding preparation no matter how busy you are:) and also a BIG Thank YOU to my Aunt F. You are unlike those typical singaporeans who are so money conscious cause' in their mind every little cents count. As for YOU, you simple ensure that the little page boy and girl are dressed in their most perfect attire for our evening, irregardless of how expensive the dresses are. Hugs to my Aunt F.

And to my other friends like Ms P, N, K and G, Thank you to YOU!!!

For understanding what I am going through and going that extra mile for me esp Ms K and G :)
Thank you Ms P for organising the girls' party.

There's this one more person whom I will not forget to thank and thats my hubby to be whom we will be walking down the aisle together. You are the Best!!! Giving me support in whatever I want to do, encourangment and a good companion. This wedding preps I have seen the good sides of you though at times you are just lazy * tickles *

Oh my!!! Oh my!!! Its exactly 17 days from now! I see the big picture. I look beyond the wedding on the 6th Dec.

See you guys!

Mrs Tootsie